Untitled 1, Untitled 2, Untitled 3
Bronze (and a stone)

All three of these sculptures are the result of playing with hot wax, exploring the shapes that emerged from pouring wax onto a flat surface, which had a release agent sprayed onto it. The wax in Untitled 1 and 2 were layered and once cooled, were left in my studio at Butley standing on top of some plinths, leaning on the wall to keep them from falling. They were basically forgotten over several months, with the result that over time and on hot days, the wax became soft in the sunshine/heat allowing them to bend and flex to their current forms.

Untitled 3 was poured in one go, and was curved slightly whilst it was still warm to help it to stand upright. It still needs a bit of extra help for stability, this comes from a small stone found in my garden. It reminds me of a nude reclining.