Etching and aquatint

The image ‘Reconstructed’ is made up of three zinc plates, each plate has only part of the image drawn onto it. In order for the final image to emerge, each plate must be positioned and orientated correctly onto the specially marked paper laid onto the bed of the etching press. Despite this care, it is impossible to align the drawing to create an image where the lines all fall correctly into place. This is also due to the fact that the drawings were drawn individually by hand rather than manufactured mechanically.

The inspiration for this image came from watching my ex husband take to bits and rebuild, various rather beautiful Jaguar cars. It always worried me that once the rebuild had been totally finished there was always the odd screw, bolt or washer unaccounted for.

It seems to me that if you take something to bits by hand, it can never be put back in exactly the same way again however hard one tries. The Jaguar was therefore, in a very slight way, changed.