National Trust Sutton Hoo – Poetry and Painting Workshops

This was a second wonderful project working under the umbrella of the National Trust and their Poetry Festival. It involved working over two days with around fifty children from two local primary schools. The first day was spent drawing images seen and experienced at Sutton Hoo; ending the day with a mock up in paper of a simple boat shape on which was depicted the children’s drawings and poetry.

The second day involved the children transferring their images in acrylic paint onto 22ft lengths of larch. The poetry was also written onto the larch, both the paintings and poetry carefully placed to achieve a balanced visual of image and word. The poetry was written with the help of local Poets at previous workshops.

The children from each school worked on their own piece of larch, which when put together, lapped as a clinker built boat would be lapped, resulted in a sculptural boat emerging. The completing of the project gave the children the experience of working individually and jointly to achieve ‘the words’ and ‘the images’ in a sculptural form. .

This now stands at Sutton Hoo set into the ground for everyone to view.