Holding hands with Duncan
2002 Resin

Holding hands with Duncan is directly influenced by the work of Rachel Whiteread, her interest in capturing the space in or around an object - the memory or shadow.

My aim was to capture the feeling a mother has when she holds the hand of her child. It is a wonderfully unique feeling of incredible trust, love and protection to feel a little hand clasped in your bigger hand. The child automatically puts his or her hand up to hold the mother's hand, it is a link to safety, trust, love, warmth and fun. A link which is quite unbreakable, long after the act of holding hands has gone.

The space in the resin block has been shaped from a plaster cast of my hand, holding my son Duncan's hand - a memory of the act which is already fading, demonstrated by cracks in the calm, opaque surface of the block. The resin is space frozen around the memory - if you like, frozen space around a space.