Head: Turban
2008 Bronze

I discovered the ‘Turban’ on my holiday to India in 2007; it comes in all shapes and sizes, colour and individuality – all worn with great pride and panache. In my view it is a piece of art in itself and the making of it is, I believe, a solemn ritual, which is taken very seriously each morning when it is created.

The making of Head; turban has been for me a journey of discovery – firstly the process of modelling a head in clay, new to me, followed by the need to understand the structure of a turban - essential to making the sculpture credible. The former was learnt by trial and error and the latter discovered on You Tube, where you can watch how a turban is tied. The end result has surprised and thrilled me.

My thanks go to friends who helped with advice on how a turban should look and the support of my kids who believed I could do it, during my moments of doubt.