Head: panama hats
2010 Bronze

Head: Panama Hats is the result of experimenting with the bronze casting process. The hats were burnt out in the kiln and the resulting space left by the original hats has had molten bronze poured into it, which once cooled has solidified into its present shape. It is clear that the bronze has not been able to make its way into the space left by the original shapes of the straw hats, perhaps because of the difficulty of casting into such thin areas? However, the image that has been created in bronze, although not complete, is recognisable.

The Panama Hat, despite its name, comes from Equador and were and still are made by the local women… where they ended up was often on the head of a wealthy American or European. It is now possible to buy a Fair-trade Panama Hat, which means that at last the women who make the hats are given a good price for their labours whilst the wealthy European can still wear an item of fashion and high status.