Head: wallpaper (Anaglypta Man)

Head of a Man, a work on paper by Eduardo Paolozzi fascinates me as I am more familiar with his bronze heads, in particular Shattered Head, made in 1956 and in the Tate Modern. I wondered if I could make a bronze head out of paper as my response to this piece of work?

Head: wallpaper (Anaglypta Man) is the result. The original head was made out of small different textured wall papers collaged into the shape of a head. It was then taken through the bronze casting process which makes it into one piece. The thinness of the paper made it necessary for the bronze to be poured very hot, even so, there is one very big hole where the bronze could not flow. It appears to expose the inside to the outside but the blackness makes it impossible to see anything. Wallpaper was a conscious choice; it is used to cover a wall for decorative purposes and also hides the surface of a wall.