Full Circle/Spring-Summer/Daughter
Full Circle/Autumn/Mother
Full Circle/Winter/Grandmother
Oak, bronze, copper wire, wood dye and gold leaf

I was asked by the artist group 49&Rising to be a guest artist in their exhibition at the Apex Gallery, Bury St Edmunds, in the summer of 2013. The theme of the exhibition was Full Circle.

For me Full Circle was a chance to explore new materials and processes, and to try something big. The three pieces of oak are all over six feet tall, three hundred years old and have different markings and character depending on their subject matter. On the Daughter sculpture there are some spectacular ‘spotty’ markings within the oak, which come from a fungus that more than likely killed the tree, however, it has given this piece its beauty. Whilst the Grandmother sculpture was specially chosen for its ‘hole’ to give the impression of age.

Also new to me was the use of gold leaf, like bronze casting, it is an ancient process with its own traditions and meanings.

The story:
My back garden overlooks a tiny cemetery in which the headstones are disappearing in the overwhelming growth of ivy and blackberry. Every year the mature trees in the cemetery put on a magnificent show of colour and then shed their leaves to stand bare until the spring. Suddenly just after Easter, the silent buds literally burst forth and transform the light in my back garden into an intensity of green. Life is back with an exuberance, which never ceases to amaze.

I see in my daughter that exuberance and intensity of green. I see many signs of Autumn in my life and with an impending sense of sadness, I look at my Mother who is well into her 90’s, and into her Winter years.