Eastfeast; PPD Programme

This research project allowed me to work with Reception and Year 1 children at the Aldeburgh Primary School. The research subject I particularly wanted to look at was Play and Spontaneity and this was eventually written up under the Eastfeast PPD Programme.

The workshops ran for five consecutive weeks, a half-day workshop in the school hall, where I introduced the children to Plaster of Paris on its own first, followed by adding another material to extend the play. They were introduced to Plaster of Paris with clay, sand, fabric, bubblewrap and in the end, anything we could find for them to cast.

It was a huge learning curve for them and for me; their excitement and fascination was wonderful to see. I taught them some simple casting techniques, they in their turn taught me to remember to play as if you do, you can discover some new ways of working and produce some surprising results.

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